San Francisco Mosaic

I draw inspiration from the many manifestations of the Circle such as mandalas, labyrinths, the solar system, fractal geometry and nature. This is the point that leads me to a deeper contact with my work and with the larger landscape of universal connections.

Diamond Heart
11-fold geometric design, based on a crop circle found in UK. Materials: ceramic tile, mirror, white gold smalti, rose quartz, hematite, snowflake agate, obsidian, two color grout. 24" diameter.
Kennedy's Mandala
Here is a mosaic mandala I composed for my friend, Kennedy. This piece was made from his Grandmother's Spode china. This technique is called "pique-assiette" which means broken dishes in French. The china design is called The Tower, designed in 1814. The piece incorporates the china, ceramic tile and mirror and measures 24" diameter. It's a piece that acknowledges a bit of modernity while staying true to the Victorian roots.
Crop Circle Table
This design was inspired by the crop circles seen in the early 1990s, known as the “keys”. Ceramic tile on pine. 16 x 16  x 23 in.
Trinity Café Table
This design is inspired by a crop circle discovered in a field of grain in England, 1997. The 15-color mosaic top is mounted on a cast iron base. 24” diameter. Ceramic tile on wood. Private collection.
Encore Une Journée Divine
(Another Divine Day)

This is also inspired by Crop Circle found in Wiltshire, England in 1997. The piece employs the use of vintage French tile from the Gien company. The mirrors around the edge are set at various angles to capture and reflect the light as it moves through the day. 24” diameter.
This work is a self-portrait reflecting a time period during the infamous West coast ‘ boom’.  From 1997 to 2003 I procured, used, and paid off every credit card assembled for this piece. The addition of 22 carat gold smalti seemed the only material worthy of the credit cards.  The 5-fold geometric design symbolizes transformation and rebirth.  A little tongue-in-cheek? You bet. Is it for sale? Make an offer. After all, it’s….Priceless.  Credit cards and gold smalti on wood. 18” diameter.
Lunar Phases
This piece is from the “The Celestial Event Series” now held in a private collection. My personal art motto is inspired by native American chief, Black Elk, who said: “Everything the Power of the World does, is done in a Circle” I spent about two years making mandalas for gardens in the form cast stepping-stones. My own love of gardening plus my love of mosaics made this “meditation” a completely satisfying exercise. These are made using the double reverse method, and therefore, are perfectly smooth on top and a delight to touch or walk upon.  No sharp edges, perfect for bare feet. The stones are designed to bear weight or can be used as wall hangings. As I traveled, I collected interesting materials and tiles from all over the world and used them in the stepping-stones to reflect a rich cross-section of cultural influences. Watch the site for more stepping-stone photos.