San Francisco Mosaic

Mona loves her new Mosaic Guide.

"Now that guide of yours is one terrific thing! Soooo nicely designed, if I might give my unprofessional opinion, and so many wonderful mosaics to discover. Absolutely a perfect way to explore new or already known territory. You really know how to produce gems, as is also evident in that dreamy, green tiled website of yours. When we come up, we'll want to take the tour!"

Mary Beth Link
San Diego State University
SDSU Library, Periodicals Acquisition Dept.


"Sizemore’s guide exhibits my favorite book characteristics. It manages to be highly professional in its layout, graphics and content yet the writing has a homespun touch making one feel as though they’re on a personal walking tour led by the author. As a guidebook, it does its job well, clearly delineating where the mosaics are located and what each consists of. Particularly impressive to this geographer are the book’s maps that will lead even the most locationally challenged individual to these works of art. The descriptions are brief and the images small but crisp. This results in a compact publication perfect for actual street use. Its user-friendly content ranges from access contacts for private mosaics to websites for additional information on other sites. Clearly, extensive research went into this labor of love." read the entire review

Douglas Towne, book review editor of the SCA Journal, published by the Society for Commercial Archeology


"Finally, an indispensable guide to the mosaic treasures of San Francisco. Not only has Lillian done exhaustive research on locations of both historical and contemporary masterpieces her ebullient personality makes the reading of the guide almost as much fun as actually discovering the art work. An accomplished mosaic artist, Lillian contributes her knowledge of technique and materials to each description. Detailed maps make finding the sites quite effortless, with neighborhoods grouped together for easy access."

JoAnn Locktov, author
The Art of Mosaic Design (1998)
Mosaic Art & Style: Designs for Living Environments (2005)
Society of American Mosaic Artists, Advisory Board Member