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Mosaic Atlas

You must visit this great new website created by fellow Mosaic Adventurers! It's a global picture gallery of public mosaic installations containing photos contributed by people from all over the world.

After 2 months on line, the Atlas already has over 330+ photos from 70 locations in 13 countries. "It's a small sampling of the universe of public mosaic installations," says Bill Buckingham and Michael Welch, founders of the site, "but it's growing day by day." Michael and Bill are mosaic artists living in the Boston area. They created the Atlas to manage the extensive archive of mosaic sites they've been building, and to share their love of mosaics with the community at large. The Atlas also has an extensive list of links to other mosaic related sites. Anyone can contribute a photo or link to the Atlas by following the instructions on the website. I've been loading up a few photos myself! It's easy and a great way to tour the world right from your computer chair!