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Silbury Hill Crop Circle
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Phase 2 of Silbury Hill design on August 3, 2004. Aerial photograph ©2004 by Nick Nicholson.

This Amazing Crop Circle features what an ancient Egyptian mosaic design in the center and symbols from the Mayan Calendar around the rim. Found in Wiltshire, England - whoever, or whatever, is responsible for the August 2 to 3, 2004, crop formation, it is being discussed with great interest. The design in its border is a mirror image of a rare statue of the Aztec God, Xochipilli, The Prince of Flowers, Maizes, Love, Games, Beauty, Song and Dance. In the mid-1800's, a 16th century Aztec statue of Xochipilli was unearthed on the side of the volcano Popocatapetl near Tlamanalco, Mexico. The statue is of a single figure seated upon a temple-like base. The Crop Formation depicts motifs found in the circular calendars used by the ancient Mesoamerican cultures. For the Ancient people, time proceeded, not linearly, but in cycles. What can we learn from this mysterious message? Read more about this and other beautiful formations.

Diagram © 2004 Bertold Zugelder