San Francisco Mosaic
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The Top Nine Mosaic Murals in San Francisco:
An historical survey...

Mural making has a long and bold history in San Francisco and painted murals abound throughout every neighborhood in the city. MOSAIC murals, however, are a bit harder to come by. As you can see below, Mosaic Murals are not a new idea. The 1940-1970’s was a time in which vitreous glass, marble and smalti were common materials used for architectural embellishment. In the mid-1990’s a resurgence of the mosaic technique made itself known, as artists re-discovered this enduring medium for public art while experimenting with new materials such as safety glass, broken ceramic tile, mirror, and mixed media. Today, the legacy of mosaic mural making in San Francisco continues to grow and inform our daily lives with the pleasure of creativity. There are many more mosaic murals to discover, but here a few stand-outs:

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