San Francisco Mosaic
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The Top Nine Mosaic Murals in San Francisco:
An historical survey...

98 West Portal Ave. at Vicente St.
By Millard Sheets Murals Inc., designed by Susan Hertel, executed by Denis O'Connor

Formerly a Home Savings and Loan, the façade of the bank is embellished with Mr. Sheets' classic mural style, employing glass smalti, stone, and gold. The mural, depicting farmers of the Pacific Rim, was designed by Sheets' chief design partner, Susan Hertel. This mural has incredible detail especially in the unique textile patterns. The detail in the fishing net is mosaic mastery. This bank is a beautiful example of Sheets' architectural approach which included the interior design, painted murals, outdoor sculpture and exterior mosaic murals for the original Savings and Loan franchise. Read more information about Millard Sheets.